Book Review, Heaven: The Popular Choice

Heaven: The Popular Choice...But Why Do Nearly Three Out of Every Four People Who Die Still Go to Hell?Heaven: The Popular Choice…But Why Do Nearly Three Out of Every Four People Who Die Still Go to Hell? by Truman Massey
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Book Review of Heaven: The Popular Choice…But Why Do Nearly Three Out of Every Four People Who Die Still Go to Hell?


This book written by Truman Massey, Ph.D. will provide you with the answers to many of the questions Christians and particularly non-Christians need the answers to in order to avoid being one of three who goes to Hell and put themselves squarely in the fourth group who are on their way to Heaven. Doctor Massey answers the questions, Who is God? Who is Man? And takes a comparative look at the Four Major Religions, scientifically and biblically, not simply by paraphrasing passages from the Word (although he does employ Bible verses to back up his theories), but with careful thought and analysis using the three universal laws, the Laws of Nature, the Laws of Physics, and Spiritual Laws. Doctor Massey is a genius in his presentation of well-formulated ideas and philosophies.

Why “Anyone Who Dies and Goes to Hell is a Fool, After All”

Chapter 1 of his book tells you exactly where he is going with the story, Anyone Who Dies and Goes to Hell is a Fool, After All, it doesn’t get much plainer than that. Doctor Massey states,
“It is important to note what you believe does not invalidate what is true or what someone has personally experienced and this point cannot be overemphasized. There are those very familiar with the laws of physics and as a result, we have an industrialized and highly technological world. This knowledge cannot be refuted, whether you believe it or not. The inventors and creators of these magnificent inventions knew something the rest of us didn’t know. It is indeed a great blessing for all of us that they continued in their efforts, not caring whether you believed in what they were doing, or whether you believed what they were doing could be actually realized.”

A Comparative Study of the Four Major World Religions

Hence, the only thing you really need to know and not wind up in Hell is that which is written in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – NIV However, in his book, Doctor Massey goes on to compare the four major world religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism and tell us what we need to know about each. He says, “What is important to note is forty-five percent of the Muslim population born outside of the United States, immigrated here after 1990. This strongly suggests they would prefer to live here, where Christianity is the predominant way of life, rather than in their own homeland where Islam is the predominant religion. The reasons vary, but the most common one tends to point to freedom; freedom to pursue liberty, happiness, and their dream of economic opportunities and independence.”
And, about Christianity, “Christianity is reported to be the largest religious group in the world with roughly two billion converts. However, in practical terms Christianity is not a religion but is rather, in its purest and best description, it creates a very personable and touchable relationship, established upon a covenant between the living God and the ones who have received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.”

Why the USA Is So Prosperous

He further explains why the US of America; the cradle of Christianity is so prosperous while other nations that have existed far longer than ours are still struggling to find and adopt a system of government that benefits its citizen as does the USA.


This is by no means a boring non-fiction. Doctor Massey is a masterful storyteller and gives us the knowledge we need in this work to propel us into the fourth group of humans destined to spend eternity in Heaven. Heaven: The Popular Choice is a must-read for those who have found Christ, to strengthen their faith and allow them to live as they should and to those who haven’t, so they too have a chance to spend eternity in God’s realm, the House he built for us, God’s Children.

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