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To many, the key to the success of this Alex Cross novel is the feeling that James Patterson wrote it by himself, whether that is true or not is up to your judgment. Too many of his fans believe he has gone too far adding his name, as co-author to books written by others, whether he had input on them or not, those stories miss the mark, in most cases and lack the substance we have come to expect from Patterson. But, I tend to believe unless it is my book he is adding his name to, he shouldn’t do it. However, if you love Alex Cross as I do, you will be mesmerized by another page-turner from Patterson. Buy The People vs Alex Cross

The Charges Are Explosive

Having never stepped across the line of the law before, can Alex Cross exist without his detective shield? Can he reverse the first-degree Murder charges leveled against him for gunning down Gary Soneji’s followers in supposed cold blood? Can Cross erase the stigma of the media’s painted image of a trigger-happy cop who thinks he is above the law? Yet, he knows the killings were self-defense. But, can he convince a jury of his supposed peers that is the way it went down? Particularly after the press has painted a tainted picture of corruption for one of DC’s finest. Buy The People vs Alex Cross for the answer to these and other questions.

The Evidence Is Shocking

Cross is in a battle for his freedom and his professional standing on the DC police force, merely getting the charges dismissed may not be enough, as the people cry for justice.Buy The People vs Alex Cross While on suspension, Crosses partner, John Sampson delivers a titillating, but gruesome video, which provides some evidence into the mysterious disappearance of quite a few young girls. In spite of his being on suspension, Cross, of course, has to get involved; it’s just his nature. The clandestine investigation leads the two to the dark web, where murder and mayhem are just other forms of diversion and delightful entertainment.

The People vs. Alex Cross Trial Is Both, Shocking & Explosive!

During the prosecution’s presentation of evidence and witnesses, a disturbed nation watches, as even many of his closest allies start to doubt his inculpability in the case. How can he convince a jury, when members of his own family find it hard to believe there was no murderous intent on his part? However, he must stop a dangerous murderer before more young girls die, even though his freedom may hang in the balance.

Why Buy the People vs Alex Cross?

96% of verified Amazon buyers rated this Alex Cross novel 4 or 5-stars!

“Behind all the noise and the numbers, we shouldn’t forget that no one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent–which is what James Patterson has, in spades. The Alex Cross series proves it.” ―Lee Child

“Patterson has mastered the art of writing page-turning bestsellers.” ―Chicago Sun-Times

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