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Buy Origin to continue Robert Langdon’s story. As most Dan Brown readers know, Langdon is a Harvard professor of religious iconology and symbology, whose story began in Angels & Demons, continued and grew more popular with The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, and last we read about Langdon was in Inferno. Although movie-goers would likely swear The Da Vinci Code came first, it didn’t in the order of books. However, I strongly believe it makes no difference which you read first as far as the first two books and it’s not really essential to have read any before reading another, though I think after the first two you are expected to know some of Langdon’s background despite the author’s reminders.

The Guggenheim Museum from Origin, a Novel

Buy Origin to discover what happens after Langdon’s arrival at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. What is the significant announcement that will set the story in motion? Is it the revelation of a discovery, which “will change the face of science forever?”

Their host is a 40-year-old billionaire, Edmond Kirsch, whose brilliant high-tech inventions are only surpassed by his audacious predictions. The combination of wealth, brilliance, and daring have catapulted him to global preeminence and renown. Kirsch was Langdon’s student twenty years earlier at Harvard and will reveal a startling breakthrough in science. One which could answer two of the basic questions of man’s existence. Hence the title, Origin.

As events unfold, Langdon and a few hundred guests are captivated by a presentation that is perfectly original, and one which Langdon soon realizes could be much more controversial than many could ever imagine. However, the precisely planned evening suddenly turns chaotic, causing Langdon and Ambra Vidal, the lovely museum director, to flee Bilbao toward Barcelona in search of a password, which could unlock the Kirsch secret, which teeters on the threshold of being permanently lost.

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Maneuvering through dark passageways of history and religion long hidden, Vidal and Langdon must elude an irritated enemy that seems to know too much and may emanate from the Royal Palace of Spain itself. Will royalty stop at nothing to silence what they believe is heresy? Can Edmond Kirsch be silenced? What clues will Langdon uncover in his search through enigmatic symbols? Will those clues lead him to the discovery that Kirsch has already made? Which long-hidden truths will he discover? Will we finally come face-to-face with the Origin of man?
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