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The Silent Corner get your copyBefore I get into how to get your copy of The Silent Corner, let me tell you a couple things. I received an email from Dean Koontz this morning, which is rather amazing considering I just finished reading Ashley Bell. Just finished, early this morning (I was a little slow getting through this one because of a family crisis). I am writing the review now. Ashley Bell is an action-packed adventure into the genre that Dean Koontz almost singlehandedly owns. He really “walked the board” with that story. Get your copy of Ashley Bell if you haven’t read it and order The Silent Corner, below.
But anyway, you can read more in my review later, for right now let’s get back to the email. I’m sure you know this already or you wouldn’t be here, but Dean Koontz is a master of his craft. His craft is, of course, writing cutting-edge fiction that is hard to believe but completely believable while you’re in the story!

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So, here are a few words from the author about The Silent Corner. You can get your copy right here without paying more and it gives me a few pennies to continue bringing you these tidbits.

The Silent Corner Dean KoontzA Note from Dean

Jane Hawk, TV, and the Human Condition
Somewhere during the writing of The Silent Corner, I fell in love with Jane Hawk. Fortunately for my marriage, Jane is a fictional character. And many of her best qualities are modeled on those of my wife, Gerda—especially her indomitable nature, her take-no-crap attitude, and her tenderness. And, besides, it was like the love I might have had for an admired and adored sister if I’d ever had a sister.

I couldn’t be happier that my fictional sister, Jane Hawk, FBI agent gone rogue, the most wanted fugitive in America, will have her story told by the folks at Anonymous Content and Paramount TV. She couldn’t be in better hands, and I’m confident they will produce an intelligent and exciting show.

I’ll finish the third Jane Hawk novel next week, and though I’ve been with her every step of the way, I’m stunned by what she’s done and where she’s gone. And I’m so interested in where she’ll go next that I’ll probably start the fourth book the day after I finish the third, which I’ve never even contemplated doing before. Usually, I take a month between books to drink a little Caymus cabernet sauvignon and contemplate the human condition. The Caymus is superb. The human condition—not so much.”

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