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Recommended Book of the Month

My recommended book is much like a book of the month club, each month I choose a book I have read or want to read that month. Write a short introduction to the book and place those details here with a link to Amazon. Well, usually I will include at least two, the Kindle link and the paperback or the hardcover. If both the paperback and hardcover are available, of course, I will add a link to both.

Why a Monthly Recommended Book  

Truthfully, there are two reasons for a featured book; one is organic search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others rank web pages according to their relevance to their user’s search parameters.

The second is when you buy the book, I get a small commission, which helps pay for the hosting of my website.

When someone types in a search for a recommended book. Like, “which is the most recommended book on Amazon this month,” the search engine result page will show you the pages most relevant to your search request. Paid ads usually occupy the first few spaces, then the organic or free suggestions.


The result will look something like this:

SERP for which is the most recommended book on Amazon this month 

When you click on the first entry, Best Books of the Month, you will get taken to a page like this:

Amazon Recommended Books

Or, maybe this one:

When you have read the synopsis of the recommended book, there will be a place where you can buy the book in your favorite format: Kindle, paperback, or hardcover. Just click the image, and it will take you to Amazon. I will get a small commission for anything you purchase While you are on Amazon, including the recommended book.

If you look around my website, you will see that I prefer to read courtroom dramas, primarily John Grisham, Scott Pratt, Stephen Penner, or John Ellsworth. But, I also like to be scared by Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Dan Brown is another of my favorites, but I wouldn’t even know what genre you would use to describe his writing.

Consider reading a few of my reviews, and by all means, leave a few comments.

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