How I Make Money on My Blog

I make money on my blog in a variety of ways. These are my Top 5 tips on how I make money on my blog.

Try affiliate marketing first, so the very first visitor can help. 

So, you’ve worked hard to build your blog up with the right format. It took a lot of time and effort to get here, but you finally made it to the winner’s circle. Now you have a decent following and the traffic that you need. Now, it’s time to make some money from your blog so that you can start to live your dreams of pursuing your blog full time. Here is how I make money on my blog, which is the challenge most bloggers face.

1. How I make Money on My Blog: Affiliate Marketing

I made this number one for a reason. It is by far the easiest method of monetizing your blog, period. You don’t need a product, so there is no inventory or shipping, just profits. And, the best thing is you can start making money right away. You do not need to wait until you have a following with affiliate marketing you can use your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any social media account that you have.

Affiliate programs make it easy to earn money from your blog since these are easy to set up. With affiliate programs, companies pay you a commission from products that people purchase. Some even pay you when your readers click on their ads or banners. Since I use Grammarly as an editor on all my sites, it is one of the ways I make money on my blog.

Some great examples of affiliate programs are Amazon’s associate program as well as Rakuten’s LinkShare affiliate program. These affiliate programs allow you to have access to a large number of products and services which you can promote online. They also handle all of the billing for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than setting up direct deposit for collecting funds. I use PayPal.

2. A Platform for Selling Services

I use my blog to give my readers insight into how to make money as a Freelance writer and I make money from my blog by selling my services. Yes, the majority of my readers are freelance writers themselves, so you may be asking yourself why would they hire me to write for them.

The answer is simple. Freelance writing is like a roller coaster ride. One day your up and the next day your down. Some days you so busy you can’t possibly finish all the assignments you have, let alone work on your site. You must work on your site every week. At least add a new blog.

But, make sure you stick with your niche. People come to your blog expecting to read about your specialty. Sure you can stray a little now and then, but always come right back to your area of expertise.

Suppose that you’re a consultant: you can convince people to purchase your consulting services with each well-written blog post that draws in a potential new customer. I do not design websites, but I have friends that do. I do not do website optimization, but I can write about it and refer my readers who have a website to my friend. Everyone needs a quick loading site. As long as you can directly relate it to your specialty, you can blog about it.

3. Selling Banner Ad Space

There are plenty of business owners who are looking to promote their products for a fixed monthly fee. With a banner ad, you can rent out advertising space to businesses which have products that are similar to those which your readers might have an interest. Banner ad space is consistent income as long as your advertiser is happy with the results that they see their banner ad makes money. It’s easy to do this, as companies such as BuySellAds will let you advertise the banner ad space on their site and interested advertisers will be able to buy ads.

4. An Online StoreHow I make money on my blog

Why not set up an online store? Many people use Amazon or Shopify, whose motto is, “Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.”

You can sell your products online instead of those of an affiliate. You don’t necessarily have to have anything great, but rather you can use a company such as CafePress to design products such as T-Shirts for your site. With a profit margin as low as $1, if you sell 500 a day… think about it.

5. Selling InformationHow I make money on my blog

No, I don’t mean like WikiLeaks or anything like that. I’m talking about teaching others what you know. You are the Subject Matter Expert, why not get paid by selling that knowledge or information a variety of ways. Information products can be anything from eBooks, Audio Books, White Papers, PDFs, to webinar courses. With these digital products, you will be able to sell your ideas and knowledge inexpensively to customers who are willing to pay for your expertise.

The Bottom Line

So, the answer to the question, how do I monetize my blog, is by writing content people are interested in and want to read. Like how to monetize my blog. You have to hold people’s attention and make them want to read your next blog. If you provide your audience with the answers to their questions, why wouldn’t they come back?

If you implement my ideas and start making money from your blog, chances are you will come back to find out more ways to make money. Am I right?

You have to ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog. Then follow-up and let them know when you have something new. And then, always, always, always do what you say you are going to do.

Contact me today and let’s discuss how to get the right customers to your page through SEO infused quality content.

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