New Book Review: Bite the Bullet by Jim Woods

I could have given this 5-stars without feeling guilty about overpraising it.

However, I think too many look at a new book review with a 5-star rating as BS; and, therefore, do not read the review. Usually, when a first-time novel gets a 5-star rating, it is from friends or family. So, here’s my 4-star rating.

I was pleasantly surprised with Jim Woods’ first novel. I have read many of Jim’s articles on Medium, and although I found his writing inspiring and well-written, I have often read books by Medium writers who can’t pull it all together to make a splash with a book. It isn’t easy.

However, Jim’s dialogue was genuinely realistic. BTW, if you have an aversion to the F-word, you’d better pick another book. Think about it; this is a story about a Chicago drug enforcement officer. Of course, he is going to cuss like a drunken sailor’s parrot. I think that was one of the things that made it realistic but far from everything.

You know how you read someone’s first novel and think to yourself, would anyone really say that? That doesn’t happen with Bite the Bullet.

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There is a lot of dialogue between the cops primarily because Malone is a supervisor (Sergeant), so he directs these law enforcers where to go and what to do when they get there.

His first paragraph pulls you into Sergeant Malone’s world of drugs, informants, blood, and gore.

Sergeant Ryan Malone wanted to scream when reading the headline of the Chicago Sun-Times: ‘$500,000 in Heroin Confiscated.’ He scowled as he cursed under his breath…”

The story is gripping and down-to-earth. Malone is struggling to keep it together by using booze as a crutch. He is separated from his wife and son, but now the Cartel and street gangs are trying to separate him from his squad by killing them off one by one.

If you enjoy a good police drama, this is one you will gobble up in one sitting. I can’t wait for another.

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